What is a Courtesan?

A true courtesan versus a common escort is above all discreet.

She has a high profile clientele. She invests extensively in her art; from her designer presentation and immaculate beauty; she exercise regularly and treats her body as her temple.

    She strives to make her appearance match her beauty within. In addition to her excellent schooling,
    she often can speak foreign languages.
    She has the ability to put on an erotic show that you might expect from a professio nal cabaret or talented exotic dancer.
    She considers herself an entertainer whether desire enters her service or not. This is a confident woman who understands she has a lot to give. She feels great pleasure in giving; she is less concerned with the money she receives so much as the mutual joy from knowing she has made a positive difference in her gentleman’s life. The fee she is paid is simply the cherry on top.
     She provides a higher quality experience than a high-class escort experience or a girl friend experience.

     The woman who accepts all request to get as much money as she can sadly looses her exclusivity and is no longer considered an option for the elite gentleman who understands the difference.
    Generally the gentlemen whom have such financial success are those who have the charm and sophistication to match her own, and the knowledge of women to properly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy all the different entertainments of his chosen females, not embarrass or insult her with the pouncing of an inexperienced youth, ignoring her exquisite attire, her intoxicating scent, and the effort she has gone to seduce him. He will be a gentleman at all times as they both respect the mutual unspoken laws of tasteful togetherness. He would never expect her to do things she wouldn’t normally do. He does not treat her like a blown up doll or a trained monkey, nor would he refuse her the freedom to entertain him at her pleasure. There is a special connection that occurs between a courtesan and her chosen clients. They rarely spend a small amount of time together. When they connect they enhance each others life. It is not a service situation as much as an affectionate human bond formed between them. Let your inhibition go and enjoy yourself!